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1. Can I have just ordered made the wristbands one dozen or even 1 piece?
Sure, you can! We have NO MINIMUM to all custom made wristband style. Remember it is all styles free ordering. This is other sites has such NO offer. They mostly have debossed wristbands or printed wristbands custom made without minimum.

2. Is this all 100% silicon material of wristbands bracelets? Or plastic ones?
It is 100% silicone bracelets, free skin touch, eco green to environment.

3. What price to the wristbands?
We have the inclusive price, meaning with both products fees and delivery fees. Considering it as FREE SHIPPING. Click in our page https://popwristbands.com/order-now/, try to run our designing pages and fill the quantity to see our offer price to your wristbands and bracelets. The entire price is very transparent that is telling you extra money to only some few of additional options like the glow in the dark, individual packing, made to key-chains. Of course, the cheaper, the quantity larger.

4.How do I get your lowest price?
We have listed out the lowest price to each item. Like debossed wristbands custom made on the price USD$0.099, Ink-filled wristbands custom made on the price USD$ 0.13. As long as the whole order quantity over 10,000 units. Call us and or email to get the details.

5.How much extra more to the rainbow wristband?
There is no extra more cost to DIY rainbow bracelets. Our stander rainbow colors series is red, blue, yellow, green violet, purple, orange, which gathering segments is as rainbow surrounding your wrist.

6.How to make the wristbands glow in the dark?
This is a very interesting part that is in very similar theory as power charge, but very eco-friendly. You need to charge the bands by expose the bands under the light, or sunshine over 5 min to absorb and activate the inside minor metals to light up the wristbands. Usually it is lighting green color up. Do remember to light up your wristbands!

7. What colors is well glowing in the dark?
There is white and some light colors suitable made as glow in the dark. Imaging in the cloudy weather, the sunshine is covered by the clouds. The darker color, the minor metals light harder to view. So it is impossible make the black color to glow in the dark.

8.Is there any discount to non-profit organization, charity money raise?
Yes, we do such favor discount to support the good. So after complete the payments online by credit card or PayPal, and then contact our sales by email or phone call to get the 5% to 10% discount fund back to your account in 3 business days. If you pay by PO, please negotiate with us before mail us the order and check.

9.Do you accept Purchase Order?
Yes, we do. The process details please click this link to acknowledge it.

10. How rush to custom make the wristbands?
It depends. 4 business days, 7 business days and 14 business days, option is available to select. Pay extra 15% to 20 % to speed it up the orders arrival before your deadline!

11.Do you have custom made orders to Australia?
Sure, we do have orders to Australia. But only 7 business days and 14 business days service available. Because the delivery service to Australia is about 4 business days by both DHL and FedEx.

12.How rush order to Canada?
We have 4 business days, but depend on the city. So suggest you make the order selecting 7 business days only, no guarantee the 4 business days.

13.What delivery company does the delivery service to the packages?
By all, like USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL TNT etc. We have packages to APO and PO by USPS as well. So we ship the packages all over the world.

14.Can I have my package without signature?
Yes, you can. Leave us the memo when you place the order.

15.Can I can custom made colors?
Sure, you can! Give me us the Pantone book code to the color please.

16.It is free to add my personal logo to the wristbands?
Yes, upload it when you place your order please. We are always sending out free designing proof to you for approval.

17.What currency you take?
It is all USD dollars.

18.What size suitable to me?
We have stander size as 8 inch, 7 inch, and 6 inch as Adult, youth and child. So take the measurement before make the order. Like the high school orders is always in adult size already , teenagers should wear the youth size and kids under 10 will be suggested to take the child size. We do have extra-large size as 8.5 to 9 inch as well. Tell us when you place the order.

19.Is there any discount to the reorder?
Yes. You are going to have at least $ 10 to 15 dollars save as discount to reorder same design. Get it from our sales after place the order online or call us before place the order to set up the order by email and PayPal invoice.
20.More question , call us 877-778-8532 or email to us sales@popwristbands.com

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