Debossed Wristbands: Classic Looks, Great Value

You want to raise funds and promote a cause, yet you’re still confused over which wristband style to choose. You kept thinking Should you pick debossed, embossed, color filled, or color coated?

Well if you ask me I will suggest you start off with the debossed, this is because it is the most economical and the best-selling style that will help to create the feeling of the occasion in the luxurious little thing.

What is Deboss? If you’re new in this then you might be wondering if Deboss is a person or the boss. Funny.  It is none of those assumptions the name ascribed. It simply means that the design or text is pressed or stamped into the silicone bracelet material; the message is recessed below the surface of the wristband. It’s quite the opposite of “emboss,” in which the lettering is raised above the wristband surface.

Deboss is very simple to create which is why it’s so economical. An example of deboss wristband is the popular “Livestrong” wristband.

More reasons why you should choose Deboss

The beauty of deboss wristband is its simplicity, making it look matured and mildly decent. And it puts the message clear without any hindrance. It is calm, there’s no color, raised lettering. The only thing to see is the message, logo or the design of a brand or organization. It is simply worth trying.

The reason behind deboss being the most economical is its fast and simple production process. So it’s affordable and a go-to for schools, non-governmental organizations, teams, clubs, and other groups with limited budget. And if you’re selling it to raise funds, deboss will give you the biggest return, coupled with the method of production which is the larger the number of production the lower the per-unit price.

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