Custom Wristbands in a Variety of Colors and Patterns

Custom wristbands aren’t just worn for the liking, they are gateways to relay your message to the world, develop your brand, raise funds, say thank you to your guests and more!
Below are customized bracelets in different materials and different features to suit your purpose.
1. Custom Tyvek Wristband: This custom-made wrist band comes in ¾ inch and 1-inch width and so can fit almost any size of the wrist as they are 10 inches long. It can last a while and great for short period campaign. It is also affordable and easy to produce and so can be shipped in 1-3 days from the day you ordered.

2. Custom Plastic Wristband: these customized wristbands are a bit stronger than Tyvek and so more suitable for events that can last a week longer. They come with a single-use locking snap that prevents transfer. They have narrow widths of 9/16 and a wideness of 11/8 inches. Customized plastic wristbands are water resistant, last longer, and make a good fit for all your customization needs.

3. Custom Vinyl Wristbands: This is a very comfortable wristband to wear and is the same size as plastic wristbands. Vinyl is has a high resistance wristband, very strong and can last for months after the event. It looks elegant on the wrist when customized for your desired event.

4. Customized Silicone Wristband: This is a very beautiful wristband often used as promotional or gift items. It usually looks incredibly elegant on the wrist and the best thing about it is that it can last through the years.

5. Custom Cloth Wristbands: This stylish wristband is lovable. The can be customized with either a single-use locking enclosure or with stylish knitting. Typically used for promotion, events, uniform, or another.

6. Custom Lanyards: This is another beautiful wristband that can be creatively customized with different designs, full color (sublimation) and used for group identification and security purposes in events.
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